The initial poster for the next Punjabi film “Drame Aale” has been made public. This poster was recently posted to social media by the film’s creators and cast members. The poster is really popular, and many people are sharing it on social media. The poster was also shared on social media by Sharan Kaur and Harish Verma, the film’s principal stars. Additionally, you can view the poster by clicking the following link

The entire cast of the movie is depicted on this poster. The famous actors are all dressed in black. Commenters are expressing their excitement for this film on social media. In addition to the leading duo of Harish Verma and Sharan Kaur, the film’s star cast includes Sardar Kamal, Sukhwinder Chahal, Rubi Anam, Malik Asif Iqbal, Qaisar Piya, and Honey Albela, all of whom play crucial roles.

We should mention that Chander Kamboj wrote the film’s narrative. Azeez Siddiqui is the film’s Director of Photography (DOP), aside from this. On the other hand, Baljeet Chumber is the film’s executive producer.

The directors of the film “Drame Aale” are Upinder Randhawa and Chander Kamboj. The film Drame Aale is financed by Jaskaran Singh. The film’s co-producers are Azhar Butt, Rajwinder Kaur, Sanjeev Kumar, and Vikas Dhaliwal. In the meanwhile, Gill Motion Pictures and Jaskarn Singh will present “Drame Aale.” Despite this, Aanandah Pictures Theatrical will distribute this film globally.

The filmmakers also disclose the specific date of the film’s release.
The theatrical release of “Drame Aale” is scheduled for January 19, 2024. Harish Verma and Sharan Kaur will be paired together on screen for the first time, and they will also be viewed across from one another. Watching them on screens together excites people. So please share in the comments section how eager you are to see this movie in theatres. We will notify you of any developments regarding this film as soon as they become available. To receive further updates about this film and to remain informed about the entertainment industry and your favorite stars, follow Filmi Bytes on social media.

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