Tanishaa Mukerji is all set for her new project to release! The actress is back in action with a short film layered with meaning and value. Called Agni-Daah , the story revolves around who is adopted by a man working at the cemetery. The girl brought up in the graveyard is immune to death as it becomes a part of her day to day life and she is unfazed by the whole concept of mortality.

Tanishaa, who plays the most endearing role in the movie, opens up about her character.

She says, ” Agni-Daah is a beautiful very very sensitive short film which is about abandonment issues and the cycle of life. It’s about a woman’s relationship with death and how she doesn’t understand it until she herself goes through the losss of the only father she has ever known who gave her a life after rescuing her from the dustbin.Agni-Daah is not supposed to entertain you, it’s supposed to make you feel and think and I think it does that in an impactful way.”

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