5 Trending Indie Bands You Can’t Miss

Add These 5 Indie Bands to Your Playlist ASAP

Indie music is all about authenticity and innovation, offering a refreshing break from mainstream tunes. If you’re craving something different for your playlist, look no further. Here are five indie bands making waves in the music scene right now.

Anand Bhaskar Collective
Known for composing music in hit series Mirzapur with the soulful track ‘Raakh’, the Anand Bhaskar Collective delivers tunes with mass appeal. Their live performances and sold out shows are a testament to their musical talent and ability to connect with fans on a deep level.


The Local Train
With their raw energy and introspective lyrics, The Local Train has garnered a dedicated following in the indie music scene. Their songs resonate with listeners, exploring themes of love, life, and self-discovery.


When Chai Met Toast
Bringing a refreshing blend of folk and indie pop, When Chai Met Toast offers a delightful musical experience. Their catchy tunes and feel-good vibes make them a must-listen.


The atmospheric soundscape crafted by The Yellow Diary is highlighted by songs like “Rab Rakha”. Their music is a fusion of rock, electronic, and indie elements, creating a mesmerizing sonic journey that leaves a lasting impression.


Let Parvaaz take you on a mesmerizing journey with their unique blend of rock and folk influences. Their hit tracks like “Shaad” showcase their captivating melodies and heartfelt lyrics.


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