Fans of popular Punjabi television shows are in for a treat this summer as leading actresses Surbhi Mittal, Jasmeet Kaur, Isha Kaloya, and Hasanpreet Kaur share their exclusive fashion tips to beat the heat.

Surbhi Mittal, renowned for her role as “Shivika” in “Shivika-Sath Yugan Yugan Da,” advocates for breezy comfort, suggesting lightweight fabrics like cotton and linen. She recommends pastel shades and floral patterns to add a touch of freshness to summer wardrobes.

Jasmeet Kaur, who plays Sehaj in “Sehajveer,” advises on summer essentials like wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses, and airy scarves for style and sun protection.

Isha Kaloya, known as Heer from “Heer Tey Tedhi Kheer,” leans towards chic simplicity, favouring flowy dresses and loose tops. She suggests opting for breathable materials to stay cool while staying stylish.

Hasanpreet Kaur, portraying Keerat in “Dilan De Rishtey,” emphasizes the charm of ethnic wear for summer, with elegant kurtas and light dupattas being her go-to choices. She encourages accessorising with statement jewellery to elevate the look.

In their joint statement, these talented actresses stress the importance of comfort and confidence in summer fashion, urging fans to embrace simplicity and express their unique style while staying cool during the scorching season.

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Simran Hans

Entertainment Writer

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