Vikramjeet Virk Reveals Why He Likes Working with Amanmeet Singh – The Actor, Writer and Director

Popular actor Vikramjeet Virk recently shared insights into his professional relationship with Amanmeet Singh, a talented writer and director. Vikramjeet Virk spoke highly of Amanmeet Singh’s exceptional qualities as a filmmaker and as a person. Now, they have joined forces for their upcoming movie “Mera Baba Nanak – A Tale of Faith.” Releasing on 19th may 2023. Let’s delve into the reasons why Vikramjeet Virk admires and enjoys working with Amanmeet Singh.

Vikramjeet Virk describes Amanmeet Singh as a wonderful human being. Beyond his filmmaking skills, Singh’s personal qualities have left a lasting impact on Virk. Singh’s passion for his craft is evident, and his dedication towards achieving his goals is inspiring to those around him.

Excitingly, Vikramjeet Virk and Amanmeet Singh are teaming up once again for their upcoming project, “Mera Baba Nanak – A Tale of Faith.” The film promises to be a captivating exploration of faith and its transformative power hitting Cinemas on 19th may 2023. With Vikramjeet Virk’s acting prowess and Amanmeet Singh’s vision as a director, the collaboration anticipates an exceptional cinematic experience for the audience.

While their first project, “Battle Of Saragarhi,” faced unforeseen challenges, it laid the groundwork for a strong working relationship. Leading to their reunion in the much-anticipated “Mera Baba Nanak – A Tale of Faith.” As fans eagerly await the release of this new project, it’s clear that Vikramjeet Virk and Amanmeet Singh is one that brings out the best in each other, resulting in meaningful and impactful cinematic experiences.

Shivam Madaan

shivam madaan

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Founder & Editor in Chief