What steps will Avni take to save Ambar?

Chandigarh, 18th May 2023: So far in the program “Dildariyan,” we’ve seen Avni try to defend Ambar’s innocence in front of the police, but without proof, no one believes her. Avni goes to meet the girl who falsely accused Ambar of sexual harassment.

In the show “Dildariyan”, Ambar is caught in a circle of allegations, and the police investigate the matter seriously. On the other hand, Avni tries to persuade the girl to withdraw the case, but she refuses. When all of Avni’s attempts fail, she takes a step in the effort to save Ambar, which changes the course of the story and generates headlines.

Will Avni be successful in proving Ambar’s innocence? Will Avni’s one statement ruin her reputation? Watch and know the further story in Dildariyan at 7:30 PM only on Zee Punjabi.

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