White Panjab aims at starting a dialogue about Punjab’s rising gang culture that demands immediate attention and action.

Written and directed by Gabbar Sangrur, White Panjab focusses on the rising gang culture in Punjab. Marking the debut of Punjabi singer and lyricist Kaka, it also features actor Kartar Cheema, Dakksh Ajit Singh, Rabbi Kandola, Mahabir Bhullar and social media influencers such as Inderjeet, Tarapal, Supneet, Sartaj Sidhu and Yashmeen in the main cast. The film will hit theatres on 13th October, 2023.

Gabbar Sangrur says, “White Panjab’s first draft was ready in 2019. We shot the movie in 2023. Youth Akali Dal leader Vicky Middukhera, Kabaddi player Sandeep Nangal Ambiya and singer Sidhu Moose Wala’s murder in broad daylight urged me to shoot and release the movie as soon as possible. As someone who has consciously always wanted to work for and in Punjab, it is hurting to see the youth getting disillusioned and dissuaded. Punjab’s youngsters who could have been successful sportsmen, entrepreneurs, or artists, are today the most dreaded gangsters, murderers, kidnappers, and robbers. Or, they are migrating.” 

Apparently, Punjab has 70 gangs with over 500 members in the state. 300 of them are lodged in various jails.

Kaka who is making his Pollywood debut with this film says, “In Punjab, singers are seen as role models by the youth. As an artist, when I see singers getting targeted by gangsters, it is my duty to be part of cinema that throws light on the landscape of gangs that is destroying the youth”.

Theatre actor Samuel John who is playing a crucial role in the movie says, “White Panjab is a serious and sincere attempt to showcase the world beyond crime where our society is constantly living in fear. When a young boy turns gangster and ends up getting encountered, his entire family dies with him. Life never goes back to normal for those families. Their world becomes lifeless. As a socially-conscientious individual, subjects of my plays would mostly focus on Dalit emancipation, I understand the change art forms such as theatre and cinema can bring. Therefore I have high hopes from this film”.

In sync with John’s thoughts, Gabbar says, “If the film manages to convince at least one youngster and saves his entire family from the never-ending trauma, I will feel the film has fulfilled its purpose.” He strongly feels that after watching the film, no one would ever want to choose this path for themselves.  White Panjab is brought to life by a bunch of talented casts. It features more than 30 theatre actors and social media influencers. The film is produced by The Theatre Army Films, known for line producing Bollywood projects such as Tabbar, Street dancer, Babli Bouncer, Chamkila, The Diplomat, Sam Bahadur etc. It is also known for its association with Punjabi films like Kalli Jota, Daana Paani, Jalwayu Enclave, The Gangland in motherland, Mastaney, Ikko Mikke, Munda SouthHall Da etc.

Here is the Trailer

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