"Would Love To Work With Diljit Dosanjh In Punjabi Movie" Said Renowned TV Actress Shiju Kataria

Shiju Kataria From “Behenein” to “Crime Petrol”, we all have seen Shiju on our TV screens in many such soap operas. Filmi Bytes recently reached Shiju Kataria and asked about her upcoming projects and plethora of things. So if you are a fan of Shiju, you will get to know many new things about her Upcoming Projects.

As Shiju Kataria is very choosy in her projects and characters she still have many surprises for her fans in the pipeline. Moreover , she also gives hints about her upcoming Hindi web series.

Would You like to Work in Pollywood industry ?
“As I have worked to move in the Mumbai and worked in so brazen Hindi movies so definitely I would love to work in Punjabi movie Also if I get a good offer or a good role” said Shiju.

Which actor you would like to work in Punjabi industry?
There are many actors in Punjabi industry who are working very hard and very good I always used to watch them but if I have to choose particular one I would love to work with Diljit Dosanjh. As I have seen his work in many Bollywood movies and Pollywood also, so yes definitely I would love to share the screen with Diljit Dosanjh if offered.

How do you look at your journey so far?
The struggle is for every day for an artist and it is a part of our work . Sometimes we get work and sometimes we are in selection process that seems a downfall for us to the outer world. But it is not known for us as we are selecting a great work and a work that we want to do actually. I have accepted that this is our industry and we have to struggle daily and I am very much satisfied with my journey and I have no regrets over that.

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What are your viewpoint on increasing craze of social media in industry?
As an artist I never focused on how many people are following me on social media. I am not a very much social person I cant go in this race of gaining followers . Recently when a twitter owner refreshed his site many of these celebrities lose the number of their followers, so this is a kind of sale and purchase in which I never want to get involved. I am an artist and I want to focus on my work, I do not bother about the number of followers I have on social media sites.

What kind of difference you feel between working in movies and soap operas?
As an artist I don’t see any difference but as a technical if we talk about the serials, we don’t know what’s going on in the script, the scripts are made on the support sometimes according to the TRP but in the films in the movies, you know your character and you know the whole story and you are working on the particular character but in the soap operas your character is going up and down some time . But as an artist I give hundred% to both of them.

Memories of Chandigarh or any place you like visit?
There are plethora of memories related to Chandigarh as I have done my college in Chandigarh. So we can imagine that how many memories we make when we are in our college life. So yes I have many memories and I love to visit lake in Chandigarh and also the street markets. I love to sit in Rose Garden because it is really peaceful and wholesome for me .Even if nowadays, whenever I visit to Chandigarh I visit to Lake and Rose Garden also.

What was the reaction of your family when you decided to step in acting?
As we know, in our times when a youngster used to say that I want to go to Mumbai, the family thought that the child is not serious and initially they were like okay. But when they got to know that I am serious about my work and I really want to go to Mumbai, it was very difficult for me to convince my mother. Because she was afraid and I was very young at that time so it was really difficult for me to convince my mother . I left eating for few days and then they have to be okay with me and I got time for 1year.

Turning Point?
I came to Mumbai on 2nd September 2002 With the time period of 1 year otherwise a half to go back home if I will not get work. The turning point was that I have to create my own ways I have to meet people, I have to introduce myself to people .And got work with my hard work and dedication I got a little settled in Mumbai in just 1 year and I sent the ticket to my mother on the same day next year i.e. September 2, 2003 and said I am settled here and not coming back now please come to Mumbai.

Favorite Bollywood Movie
I love to watch movies, every Tuesday we go to watch a movie and recently I have watched Jersey and I love that movie but if you talk about the all time Favorite movie so it is ‘Jodha Akbar’ .

Dream Character
I didn’t want to disclose it yet but yeah I would like to tell you that I would love to play the role of Amrita Pritam. If I get a chance to play but if even if I didn’t get a chance I will make it myself and would love to play the character of Amrita Pritam as I have read her many books and I love her literature and I love to play this character on screens.

When you are new in the industry and when you are an outsider you don’t know anything, you are young ,there are plethora of challenges you have to face in this industry. But if you are dedicated towards your work and you are a person of principles you will get a good work you will not only get a good work you will get work on your principal you will get work on according to yourself.

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What message you would like to give new girls in the industry?
The particular message I would like to give every girl and boy also that there is no shortcut for success there is no shortcut for anything you want to achieve. So don’t think that I have to be successful whatever it takes. Instead, Be a person of your principals and never compromise your principals at any cost, do your work dedicatedly work hard and grab the success.

A message for youngsters is do you work hard and with dedication, keep moving forward and don’t take the pressure of followers on social media because as an artist these numbers doesn’t matter, your work does matter and there is no shortcut for success.

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