Young eco hero Manya Harsha is on a journey of transforming the planet, one seed at a time

Manya Harsha, an inspiring young environmentalist hailing from Bangalore, embarked on a transformative 18-day road trip spanning from Bangalore to Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Leading the charge with her campaign, “Voice for the VOICELESS, #straylifematters,” under the Sunshine Children for Change initiative, Manya left an indelible mark on the landscape of animal welfare and environmental consciousness.

As the founder of Sunshine Environment magazine, she goes beyond rhetoric, organizing impactful workshops, seminars, cleanup drives, and plantation initiatives. During her cross-country journey, Manya not only vocalized the plight of stray cattle but also sowed seeds of change, literally. She tossed over 2000 seed balls across 12 states and one union territory, enriching the nation’s soil and reaffirming her commitment to a greener, more sustainable planet. Manya’s dedication, coupled with her hands-on approach, epitomizes the kind of grassroots activism that has a lasting impact on both communities and the environment.

Also, Manya recently undertook a compelling mission to the Pench Tiger Reserve. This visit was not just a journey into the heart of nature but a resounding call to action for wildlife conservation. Leading her Youth for Wildlife Conservation campaign under the Sunshine Children for Change initiative, Manya championed the #savetiger campaign with unwavering dedication. Her presence in Pench served as a catalyst for awareness, igniting discussions on the critical importance of preserving the majestic tiger population and their fragile ecosystems. Through engaging workshops, insightful seminars, and social media advocacy, Manya spurred a collective consciousness for wildlife protection. Her efforts at Pench not only underscore her commitment to conservation but also exemplify the potent impact a dedicated individual can have in safeguarding our planet’s most endangered species.

Through  her SUNSHINE – Children for Change  Campaign she has  till date  distributed  , 8000 Sapplings, distributed 9000+sustainable bags , planted 7600 Sapplings, thrown around 8000+ seed bombs during travel.She has  organised numerous cleanups in various water bodies, forest, highway and city roads and cleaned early 200 kgs of plastic waste.

Despite her age, Manya has displayed a maturity and vision that go beyond her years.What sets Manya apart is not just her passion but also her ability to mobilize and inspire others. She has successfully rallied her peers, adults, and even local businesses to actively participate in her projects, creating a ripple effect that extends the reach and impact of her endeavours.

Shivam Madaan

shivam madaan

Founder & Editor in Chief


Founder & Editor in Chief