‘Junior’ Sets Milestone For Punjabi Cinema, Splendid Combination of Action and Emotions!

Aug 18, 2023 - 16:56
Jun 16, 2024 - 16:56
‘Junior’ Sets Milestone For Punjabi Cinema, Splendid Combination of Action and Emotions!

The much awaited movie ‘Junior’ has been released in the cinema halls lately. This movie’s trailer got immense response and finally it has released in the cinema halls. Amiek Virk and Srishti Jain starring this movie is beyond expectations. So we will review this movie according to different factors.

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This is the first ever Action + Emotion story in the Punjabi cinema. This story is full of emotional bonds and family love but highly packaged with action. This is the first time ever in the Punjabi cinema. The superhero we needed in Punjabi cinema is delivered as ‘Junior’ played by Amiek Virk. It is the story of a common man working for system, but when he wants to leave he got portrayed as criminal by the system. And then his daughter got killed, this is the story of how he takes revenge. Can he comeback to his normal life? You have to watch the movie to get that answer.


You cannot even imagine this is the Amiek Virk’s debut movie as a lead actor. He played his role so well. When it comes to action, he was great and when it came to emotion he was greater. As we know if there is the combination of action and emotions, we get a larger than life superhero and that is ‘Junior’ our own superhero. Moreover, Srishti Jain worked great as Smaira and we are short of words for Jasleen Rana who played Junior’s daughter. No words for Kabir Bedi and Pradeep Rawat because they are already legends.


Harman Dhillon who made his debut as a director with this movie hits a six on a very first boll. You could not believe that it is his first movie, which becomes pollywood’s one of the biggest projects and also it gives the Hollywood kind of feeling. The credit goes to Harman Dhillon and Nadar Films, because the movie is shot in different countries, and every single shot was more than perfect.


Music plays pertinent and quite essential role in making any movie work on box office. Moreover, the placement of the songs in the movie is also a crucial work and they did It nicely because when any song is played in the movie it connects us more with story. The choice of singers was very good, as there are vocals of legends like Richa Sharma, Feroz Khan and Kanwar Grewal.


In a crux we would like to say that this movie is a complete package and the audience who were demanding something different in Punjabi cinema should go and watch ‘Junior’ in the cinema halls. This is the milestone for the Punjabi industry and it can make a big change in the industry if you will support this movie by watching it. Filmi Bytes gives this movie 5 out of 5 stars

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